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Our science cuts across cancer types!

Cancers we are currently evaluating:

~ Lung Cancer

~ Ovarian Cancer

~ Breast Cancer

~ Myeloma & other hematological cancer

~ Neuroblastoma

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   Multidisciplinary Approach:

  • Genetics: Human Cell Models &

  • Model Systems (C. elegans, zebrafish. etc.)

  • Biochecmial Approaches
  • Cytological Analysis
  • Genomics
  • Clinical Data Comparisons Through Clinical Collaborations

Overall Interest:

The Whetstine laboratory is interested in understanding how the chromatin microenvironment regulates gene expression while maintaining a stable genome. We interrogate this relationship by studying the role of histone modifying enzymes in human cell culture and various model systems. We have initiated these types of studies by focusing on a specific class of chromatin regulators- Jmjc-containing histone demethylases. My laboratory screens tumors for genomic anomalies in this class of enzyme. Additionally, we have begun examining their molecular roles​ at a biochemical, molecular and in vivo level. Based on these observations, we are determining whether these genomic alterations will allow us to modify conventional chemotherapy to treat these tumors and establish whether these changes will serve as novel molecular diagnostics. The laboratory is currently expanding these types of studies into other novel chromatin regulators and non-coding RNAs.