~  What cellular cues or exposures drive ecDNA amplification?

~  How does signaling and epigenetic-related pathways control amplifications?

~  What genomic and epigenomic features control extrachromosomal DNA amplification?

~  Can we extend our discoveries into the clinic to tackle drug resistant & heterogenous tumors?

~  How does epigenetic control of replication timing & rereplication contribute to amplification?

~  What chromatin factors either enhance or suppress therapy?

(e.g., immune checkpoint & chemotherapy)

~  What impact do polymorphisms and somatic mutations have on epigenetic regulator function and contribution to cancer.

Relevant Manuscripts

Epigenetic Mechanisms Impacting Cancer Therapy

Epigenetic Mechanisms Regulating Cell Cycle Progression

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Relevant Manuscripts

~ We are using next generation sequencing strategies to map the epigenome during cell cycle.

~ We are identifying chromatin and non-coding RNAs that are regulating cell cycle progression.

Epigenetic Mechanisms Driving Extrachromosomal DNA Amplifications, Rearrangements & Drug Resposnse

Relevant Manuscripts